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R  E  Z  I     E  L  E  C  T  R  I  C     W  A  T  E  R     H  E  A  T  E  R

  1..... Applications of the REZI water heater
  2..... Examples of use
  3..... Dimensions
  4..... Power range
  5..... Innovative materials and Lifespan
  6..... Standard & Additional features [.P.]
  7..... Range of models
  8..... Economical instantaneous heating system
  9..... Certificates and awards
 10... Photo gallery [.P.]

 11..... Installation Guide















Designing, production ANS service are in progress with Quality Providing System according to ISO 9001:2000 norm requirements.

1. Applications of the REZI Water Heater


The REZI Electric Water Heaters are most suitable for:


Caravans & Motor homes
Public utility buildings,
Industrial plants and offices,
Catering establishments,
Snack bars,
Holiday centres,
Holiday cottages,
Exhibition and fair centres,
Petrol stations,
Shopping centres,

    ...and wherever there is a demand for hot water.

Advantages of the REZI water heater


You will save money - you convert all the electricity used into heated water.
You do not waste time - hot water is available to you from the moment you turn on the tap.
You don't waste water - only the exact amount of water you need is heated.
Power consumption is decreased - electricity is used only during the intake of water.
Full safety is ensured - there is no threat of a gas explosion, or of gas or fumes intoxication.
You save space - the small size of the REZI water heater make it possible to install it anywhere; next to/under the sink or washstand, in the shower cubicle, in the bathroom/kitchen cabinet!
As opposed to water heating systems providing hot water in the kitchen while the central heater is located in the bathroom - you do not waste heat on heating water-pipes and concrete walls.
You protect the environment - the whole structure of the REZI water heater is made of certified materials which can be recycled.


         2. Examples Of Use


Decentralized, instantaneous water heating using REZI heaters

Example of using a heater

with a shower set

Possible uses of the hygienic set



         3. Dimensions






In the compact housing (size 86x91x161mm) are heating elements of the following power range: 3.3; 4; 5 kW 230V and 7.5; 9; 11 kW 400V)
REZI has small overall dimensions and yet retains all the technical parameters of traditional, large heating devices
Its small sizes makes it possible to install the heater above or under washbasins, sinks or next to baths or shower cubicles
REZI is a successful substitute for heating systems using tank or flow heaters of much larger sizes and power. When installed in a cabinet it takes up little space.



  Heating element


 Heater with an attachment


 Heater with a plastic set


Its small size and affordable price makes it possible to have spare heating elements at

home the same way as having spare light bulbs available.



         4. Power Range:



Nominal power intake [kW] 3.3 4 5 7,5 9 11
Nominal voltage [V]







2/PE ~ 400V 50Hz

Nominal current [A] 14,3 17,4 21,7 18,7 22,5 27,5
Capacity measured in liters per minute at 15o C ambient water temperature 40oC 2,1 2,3 3,1 4,8 5,8 7
45oC         4,7  
50oC 1,7 1,9 2,2 3,2   4,7
55oC         3,4 3,5
p = < 1300 Om x cm at temperature of 15 degrees Centigrade


Ideal for Caravan's, Motor Home's or Boat's.


Excellent for Home, Shop, Office, Garage & Backyard


Perfect for Workshop & Farms



         5. Innovative materials and Lifespan :



Experience over many years, as well as market research conducted
by manufacture, have proved that the average life span
of the REZI water, heater, providing that the instructions
and recommendations of the manufacturer are met, is 8 years.

For the production of the REZI heater and the whole tap unit, the most suitable, durable and certified plastic has been used which, unlike metals, does not corrode, thus lengthening the lifespan of the heater. Being made of insulating material, it does not absorb heat from the water, thereby increasing the efficiency of the REZI heater.

Using a specially designed sprayer ensures reduced consumption of water and power.
The sprayer is easy to clean - you just "push out" any scale formation by pressing the rubber nozzles.




Metal Valve Plastic Valve

The plastic valve:

is flexible      abrasion-resistant
does not corrode     does not oxalate    no toxic tarnish

The rubber gasket and flexible base of the plastic valve connect perfectly to ensure a more effective cut-off of the water flow. Its construction is similar to that of a brass valve, but the metal elements have been replaced with innovative, certified plastic, which significantly lengthens its lifespan and working time.





         6. Standard features & Additional features ........................................... [ Click Here ]





          7. Range of Models :


REZI provides a whole range of models enabling installation of water heater wherever it is required and can provide comfort.


Heater with a plastic set white Heater with a plastic set chrome

Heater with a metal set chrome Heater with a shower set white or chrome

Set heater with an attachment, to be installed in any place within the water supply system Heater with a spiral sanitary set white or chrome

Heater to be installed in any place within the water supply system Heater with a set to be attached to the existing set

Heater with a three-way set Heater with a two-way set




          8. Economical Instantaneous Water Heating System



REZI heater has been designed to heat water within a decentralized system, thus complying with the general rules of technological progress. The central heating of water is implemented, like in the 19 Century, by one large steam engine, providing heat for the whole shop floor.


  Using heaters with various power capacities in different locations within one household to accommodate different usage requirements is significantly more economical that having one high-powered heating system,

  heat is not lost as the heater is installed near the water intake and hot water is available immediately when the tap is turned on,

  specially designed sprayer, applied at the end of the spout, ensures reduced consumption of water and power.

Central heating system

Economical system of instantaneous

water heating ensured by REZI heaters


In addition, what should be taken into consideration is the fact that in the decentralized system the failure of an individual REZI heater does not involve a cut-off hot water in the whole facility, which cannot be prevented in the case of a central heating system.

The decentralized, instantaneous system, equipped with a few small REZI heaters in various power capacities involves a much lower risk of the whole facility being completely without hot water.





         9. Certificates and Awards:








          10. Photo Gallery ......................................................................................... [ Click Here ]




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